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Welcome to Talk & Trade Live! (TTL)

Talk & Trade Live! is a patent-pending system created by P. Allan Coyle and Ryan Griggs after we encountered many negative aspects of current online marketplaces.  TTL has been in development for nearly two years and officially launched in April, 2011.

We are excited to present you the world's first virtual trade show experience!  We created Talk & Trade Live! with the desire to bring the Trade Show right into your home!

We all know how much fun it is to travel to a big show, visit with the people, browse through the booths and make new friends!  You might even be able to haggle with a seller and come away with the bargain of a lifetime!  We have recreated this experience on the Internet, so you can go to trade shows any time from the convenience of your computer!

Sellers and buyers can see and speak to each other using our revolutionary audio/video communication system!  You can haggle and make side deals!  You can make new friends!  You can learn about the items being offered for sale, and even discover great deals by talking to a seller!  We have now added SMS text messaging and notifications so sellers don't need to stay in their booths waiting for shoppers to enter!  SMS messages can be sent instantly to the seller's mobile phone when a shopper enters the booth!

Talk & Trade Live! is about freedom as well.  We have experienced and heard about so many unfair practices by large online auction sites, we are convinced it is time to give people back their freedom to trade online!  The Talk & Trade Live! system is a place where you can run your booth as you see fit, without being burdened down by a lot of "big brother" rules and regulations.  This site is American Capitalism at its finest!

Also, we wanted to make buyer and seller feedback fair and balanced so we have created a special system of ratings which allows both buyers and sellers to honestly and easily rate transactions.

Using Talk & Trade Live! is completely free for buyers, and sellers only pay a single low flat-rate fee to list all their items!  No listing fees, final value fees, or any other per-item fees.  Sellers know up front what your costs are going to be, instead of being surprised at the end of the month with a huge bill!

We are very excited about the possibilities and opportunities offered by Talk & Trade Live!  This site is a groundbreaking, revolutionary way of buying and selling items online!  Let's make buying and selling FUN again!



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